Cat Natural Sisal Wand Teasers and Exerciser for Kitten with Mouse Bell Feather etc. Cat Toy Collection in a Box

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Interactive Toys: The cat toys with Mouse, Bell ball and Feather awaken your cat's natural hunting instinct. Keep your kitten active and release energy.

Each toy is made from natural wood, sisal, elastic and feathers, so you can have peace of mind whilst your cat gets busy developing their hunting skills and imagining they're fighting a real bird or mouse!

This not only means your cat is safe, it also avoids dead animals being brought into your home by encouraging them to play inside!

The Natural Pet Company pride themselves on good quality, natural products that are safe for you and your pets to use.

Includes seven unique toys, giving you a box full of fun to share with your cat.




1. Made of quality material, tough, hard and durable.
2. Colorful soft feather with rat agave fibre toy, an exciting exercising tools for cats.
3. 5 different replaceable head, increase fun and pleasure of experience.
4. A funny wand for cat playing, strengthen interaction between you and you pets.
5. Ergonomic design handle, round-smooth, ensuring comfy hand feeling even after a long time use.


Material: Natural Wood, Sisal, Elastic and Feathers
Product Category: Throwing toys
Pole Size: Approx. 41 * 17 * 5.5cm / 16.1 * 6.6 * 2.1in
Package Weight: Approx. 268g


Package List:
1 x Wood Stick
7 x Shaped Sisal Toy