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This Interactive cat toy is the perfect toy for exercise and mental health for your cat. Your lovely cat will have tons of fun chasing, pouncing, and biting. It can arouse cat interest, so you two can have a happy time and promote the relationship with each other.

Press the trigger and the ball or feather will pop out. Release the trigger and the ball or feather will bounce back. The process from pop to bounce can attract the cat's interest and increase the intimacy between the owner and the pet

The Rebound interactive cat teaser wand is suitable for cats of all ages. it can strongly attract the cat's interest, increase the frequency of body movement during playing, it can satisfy the curiosity and active nature of cats during the interaction with their owners.

Great for agility training, behavioral training, exercise and weight management.

The Funny cat gun is made of safe and harmless ABS material, which is strong, light and durable, and will not be easily damaged by the cat. You can play with the cat.









Length: 7.44 in/ 18.9 cm


Width:1.65 in/ 4.2 cm


Height: 4.53 in/ 11.5 cm


Available Color: Blue/Green/Yellow


Mode: 2 types (cannot be used at the same time)



Package Included:


1* Ball


1* Feather


1* Interactive Retractable cat toy gun